Highly effective concessions

Increase sales by increasing efficiency

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Modern payments for venues

Collect payments and data about your attendees

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Free Mobile POS for Venues

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Increase Sales

Shortcut concessions had up to 30% more sales than other concessions in an apples to apples comparison

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Real-time Reporting

Real time sales data and analytics, helping you learn more about your attendees and use the knowledge for better marketing

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Happy Attendees

No more waiting in queues! Attendees can order from the comfort of their seat and not miss out on the action.


Easy to use. Easier to love.

Shortcut's fulfillment platform works on any Android or iOS phone or tablet. No need for expensive proprietary hardware. It even works from your web browser. When you're ready to check your analytics or set up your next event, just open Shortcut from your browser. It's free to get started.

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Guaranteed Secure Payments

We're partners with Stripe and we accept all major forms of credit and debit cards: MasterCard, Visa, AMEX, and Discover.

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Your customers. Your data.

Every order that passes through Shortcut is accessbile for you to analyse in real time via our the Shortcut dashboard.

1.   Offer last-minute sales/offers instantly
2.   Reward big spenders with discounts so they come back
3.   Message your attendees

Pick up or delivery

When an order pops up on the screen, you can estimate how long it will take to prepare the order. We will notify the attendee when their order is ready so that they can pick it up at the concession you fulfilled the order from.

If you'd like to enable delivery, just send us a quick email at info@shorcutapp.co.uk. We would be happy to assist. It takes just 30 minutes to set up your venue with delivery.

One Simple App for Attendees

It's easy to customize the experience for your attendees

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Your Brand.

Your attendees will recognize your brand from start to finish. End the experience with a personalized "thank you."

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Your Menu.

You control the menu entirely. We'll only show items that you want to sell via the app and can show items on our 'Popular' tab that you want to sell the most of.

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Social Engagement

The whole world lives on Twitter and Facebook, which is why we made it incredibly simple for attendees to engage their social network about your products.

App notification


Automatically message attendees when their order is being fulfilled or when it's ready. You can also send push notifications to your attendees about deals and offers.

Client Testimonials

  • Shortcut just works! My sales have pleasantly increased since we starting using the service with very minimal setup.

    Dmitri Petkov,

  • I just don't want to miss something good! I missed a great dunk by Blake Griffin when I was at a Clipper's game not too long ago and was a bit upset. Never again.


  • The ATM went down at my event, but the attendees never missed a beat.

    Julie Zho,

  • I set up my boss's event, emailed his attendees, and sold hundreds of dollars in merch in just 10 minutes of effort.

    Dan Richardson,

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